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HOT Tips: Step by Step Basic Makeup Tips for Beauty With Dark skin

Different people have different skin colors; Therefore, your makeup requirements are unique. The shape and contour of a person’s face also determine how and what type of makeup to apply. When buying cosmetic products, people with dark skin colors should choose their makeup carefully, as that makes a difference in their appearance. Good makeup can make a hot-skinned girl shine like a goddess.

  1. moisturize
    People with dark skin, especially dry skin, tend to have ashes if the skin is not well hydrated. After bathing every day, be sure to use a good moisturizer to keep your face and body well hydrated. This will give you a clear, bright and blackish appearance.
  2. sunscreen
    It is not because you have darker skin that your skin will not be affected by harmful UV rays. This is a common mistake that many dark-skinned women tend to make. Choose your sunscreen according to your skin type.

The good foundation.
The base serves as the basis for your makeup. Always make sure the base matches your natural complexion. You can also try using two base colors: lighter colors in the center of your face and your natural tone in other parts of the face. This will make your face look brighter. Look for the right color for you and even the colors. Avoid using clear powder this can result in a grayish skin color.

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To treat stubborn spots under the eyes, apply a concealer along the top of the cheekbones towards the end of the eyebrows. It’s more or less like drawing a triangle. This shape not only conceals dark circles, but also helps to attract light instantly by adding heat to the area.

There is nothing we like more than a cream highlighter that can be used as a face paint. To give the illusion of a larger eye, apply a marker under the eyebrows, just above the crease of your eyelid. When finished, press the small dot in the middle of your apple on the cheek. Then, press the marker on the forehead, followed by the height of the face, chin.

A true basic element for all lovers of beauty, tanning can give your skin a fresh and radiant look and a kiss, even when the temperature is high. For a perfect bronze appearance, we recommend using two colors deeper than its brown color and be careful not to use the bronzer on the entire face. For a clean appearance, apply the bronzer with the c-shaped brush. This means: start at the temples and lightly brush the sides of the face, forehead, nose and chin for a smoother appearance.

eye makeup
Eye makeup is something that improves your eyes and improves your appearance. For occasional daytime events, avoid bright or vibrant colors and choose subtle colors such as brown, pink and gray eye shadows with lots of mask. For parties or evenings, try shades of blue, purple and green, as well as burgundy, plum, copper and chocolate tones. These colors look amazing on dark skin and will certainly make you look like a diva! Experimental and play with color.

The choice of colors for dark skin color is a daunting task. Use colors like cream, coffee, chocolate, soft pink, plum, berries, burgundy and gold. Stay away from the lipstick with a very cold or shiny finish.

Colors such as black peach, bronze, dark orange, coral, grapes, roses and gold, as well as darker red colors will perfectly complement your skin.

Do not be afraid to use bright colors! It’s not because you have dark skin that you can not shake red lips or blue eye shadow. It just is not at the same time!

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