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Secret Ultimate Retreat From Our Hectic Lives

You are busy. You have children, maybe a full time job, a home, meals to prepare, a significant other to worry about, the children is schedules, or perhaps you are single and devote most of your waking hours to work, work, work. Maybe you are a career person who is also a single parent. Regardless of the scenario, your life is hectic. Your life is a never-ending revolving door that arrives at work, at home, at school, at doctor ís appointments, busy, busy, busy.

That ís what our lives have become. Everyone runs around with phones to their ear while on the run to be here, to be there, always keeping one eye on the clock to be sure to be on time for the next appointment.

Do you think you need a break?

  • A vacation, you say, but there ís no way. A vacation is out of the question.
  • There is too much going on to pack up and leave for a week or two.
  • Okay, what about a day then? Surely, there is one day you can devote to you.

Everyone deserves to be pampered. Even if you tell yourself, ëI canít afford ití or ëI donít have time.í Make the time to do something nice for yourself at least for one day, and nothing screams ëpamperí louder than ìDay Spa.î

Day Spa Bliss

Sure, itís an indulgence. Sure, itís an extravagance, but, hey, youíre worth it, so congratulations on your fine choice.
Now all you have to do is decide where to go and what services in which to indulge. Be prepared to spend a little because the services at day spas do come with a price, so shop around. Like any other service, itís wise to check out whatís available in your area and compare prices.

You cannot put a price tag on feeling wonderful, but unfortunately, you have to put a price tag on your day spa experience, so be sure to ask about packages. Day spas do want your business, and most will be priced comparatively, depending where in the world you happen to be visiting or living.

What Spas Have To Offer

  • Massages, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Hot Stone and others.
  • Various types of facials
  • Sauna
  • Multiple jacuzzi whirlpools that often come in various temperatures
  • Steam room
  • Body Scrubs
  • Mud baths
  • Body Wraps
  • Pedicures
  • Manicures
  • Various detox options
  • Aromatherapy
  • Various essential oil treatments
  • And much more

If you like to swim, you may want to find a place that has a pool, sauna and whirlpool to spend some time relaxing and then go for a massage, followed by a facial, a pedicure and maybe another dip in the pool.

Itís all about you, so do what you want in the order you want to do it in.

The Ambiance

Since youíve made the decision to take a day and devote it to you, think of the whole day spa experience as a way to indulge all the senses, first your eyes.

The location is a large part of the whole day spa experience. Many spas are architecturally designed just for that reason. Itís all part of the ambiance. The drive to the spa may be an hour or more away, off the beaten path, until you arrive at what can only be described as a sanctuary.

A spa is a service industry so you should receive nothing other than first-rate accommodation from the moment you walk in to what more than likely will be a beautiful reception area filled with a calming aroma. After you are greeted and your reservation confirmed itís time to indulge the rest of your senses.

Take a look around, likely you will see a very calm, serene and tranquil environment. The lights will be turned down low and there will be candles, cucumber juice and fresh fruit.

The meditative melody that plays in the background is one of the first signs that you have entered another world.
Many day spas provide you with an area to change so you can walk around in one of those cotton, soft cuddly robes and slippers.

Once you emerge from the dressing room area, let the staff be your guide. You will then be instructed to ëenjoy yourself, relax and leave your worries behind,í while you sip on a frothy fruity drink as your toes are being manipulated, as the sound of water trickling in the background stimulates your senses, ah heavenly.

Many of us are not wealthy and consider spending time at a day spa an extravagance and as about as realistic as a trip to the moon, but there comes a time when you have to forget the busy life you lead to take a day all to yourself.

Life is short, so donít let time pass by without a day spa experience. You will surely be glad you did.

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