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Should to Know: Basic makeup tips on what to do before applying makeup

Makeup, many women are reluctant to do so, thinking it is too complicated, that they will not succeed. But with some simple and basic makeup tips, you can increase your glamor quotient every day, whether for the office or every night. Before compiling the list of these basic makeup tips, you must learn to prepare your face, even if you plan to use a simple makeup.

basic makeup tips
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A pre-make-up routine is nothing more than your usual cleaning tonicity routine to cleanse your face of excess oil, while keeping it hydrated, so that the makeup rests properly and evenly on your skin.

  1. wash your face
    Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type; Dry skin should use cream-based cleansers, while oily skin should use gel-based cleansers.
  2. Tone the skin.
    This step is essential for oily and acne-prone skin to reduce its oily appearance. With a cotton ball, apply some toner on the face and neck.
  3. apply a moisturizer- The most important of all the basic makeup tips is to moisturize the skin with a moisturizer before applying makeup. In addition to keeping skin healthy and supple, a moisturizer helps achieve a gentle makeup. While dry and sensitive skin should use oil-based moisturizers, oily skin should opt for water-based moisturizers that do not clog the pores.

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